T9 custom rom

This guide is simple and easy to follow. This guide is followed by a software known as SP Flash Tool which is simple and easy. We ask you to read the steps before doing something wrong. Once you are done! Download the ROM which we have listed in this table below. This guide is helpful to those who are looking to Downgrade or upgrade your smartphone.

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This guide is also helpful to unbrick the phone revert back from deathyou can install the Stock Firmware build to revert back to old version also. Also if you feel your THL T9 Pro lag or has any issue, then flash the stock firmware from the list below and save from situation. Here are below of Android 6. If not please charge the phone. Backup your phone in case if you need it later. If you brick the device we are not responsible. Do it at your own risk. Download Stock ROM. We always welcome feedbacks and improvements.

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Search in Articles.Login or Sign Up. This is a sticky topic. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 3. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 template Next. I did find the V4 rom latest I could find online - V3 is attached in this post.

I had the V8 installed. Mine is the 32GB version. At this stage, I got the ROM, drivers not yet installedand flash tool from a link. Many thanks. Comment Post Cancel. Hello, Got it working.

t9 custom rom

Email the reseller about it. Received a download link with the latest ROM, along with the flash tool and drivers.

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The flash tool and drivers were zipped in a zip that didn't save directory info, and were pretty much useless. The download is avalaible 12 days. Originally posted by dudule22 View Post. Hello, The software to update the firmware.

t9 custom rom

I just use the AndroidTool. You need to put this directory to C: and change in conf. For me the Rocship drivers were installed before. It is very easy to find these drivers on the net. More than 01 month of using, this box is always overheat more than 90 degree celcius when playing any video clip from any source Youtube, Netflix, and some TV streaming app in my country. And many artifact appeared while playing video too.

Not recommended to buy this box, I'll try to upgrade to a new firmware version to see whether this issue will be gone. Kinda waste of money imo. Originally posted by kenyo View Post.

Hi dear this box has no navbar nd notification bar there is any custom rom or SuperCeleron's rom for this T9 android tv box? Anyone know how to mod this box with an external wifi antenna?Login or Sign Up. This is a sticky topic. Posts Latest Activity.

Page of 3. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 template Next. Tags: None. Comment Post Cancel. Ram, Display chip. Can see by the Sticker so it's either going to be one WiFi or Another, Base Removed: Closer: Board easily lifts out and we get to were all the action is An effort to improve cooling with Thermal Pad and Small bit of alloy.

t9 custom rom

WiFi working well with cover on case, no difference seen. Bluetooth picking up TV and SoundBar. Running Android 8.

Clock on front can either display 12 or 24 hour time, via settings Remote does the job Heat is typical for these units Unit does have Root access and DRM in L3. The Accuracy of apps used for testing is only a guide Compatibility with A8.

t9 custom rom

A different UI and looking ok I feel, well except for the large picture not looked if it can be altered. Runs pretty smooth have to give it some time to see what it can do Netflix runs p Lets see what we have to offer UI and Installed Apps and Information: no More or Droid settings found Hold Menu Key on remote to change Apps, two on left, four along bottom. Does the job. If you hit ctrl and shift and "o", it will bring up the menu to show dropped or skipped frames, using Kodi.

Would be interesting if it drops frames. Also, what kind of audio do you get from Kodi?? Skip tends will happen often when it first starts to play, up to 50 or so in the first few seconds I am finding here. I got a non-Alfawise version of this box from Amazon today, but it's exactly the same as the one reviewed in all but brand name, down to the launcher and apps installed.

This is a pain, because some things need to be acknowledged through a notification like me having to put my Chrome security passphrase in after linking my Google account to Chrome and there should be a way to close unneeded programs easily. Is anyone aware of workarounds for these two issues? Edit: I was able to enter my Chrome passphrase without being able to see the notifications; I went into Chrome's settings and was able to it enter it there direct.

That leaves me with the Recent Apps issue; I've tried a couple of different apps to work around that, but none worked, because it seems that whoever compiled this version of Oreo for these boxes just left out the underlying functionality for this and for the Notification area.

So far, I like the box for the most part, but the cut-down version of Oreo just boggles my mind, because having the same functionality on these boxes as on our phones and tablets is why some of us buy these boxes to begin with, but I digress.

Would you have firmware for this device? I made the mistake of installing SuperSU from the play store and device wont boot up anymore - stuck in boot mode. I can get into the recovery, reset it to no avail firmware is rather hard to find online many thanks!It is a very mid-range CPU. If you own a Venus T9 and now searching for the stock firmware of the device, then you landed on the right page.

You just need to ask for the permission to download the file. There are many reasons why a user wants to install the stock firmware. The main reason is to fix a bricked device. Sometimes users brick their devices in the process of rooting and the only way to fix that is flashing back the stock firmware.

The other reason is to fix a sluggish or laggy device. With time android devices slow down and by flashing the stock firmware can fix the problem.

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There are loads of benefits of having the stock ROM of an Android device. You can Fix Bootloop and Black screen issue by flashing back the stock firmware. If you are facing some software related issues, then you can flash the stock ROM to fix that. They also come pre-installed with certain apps.

How To Install Official Stock ROM On THL T9 Pro

These apps vary between different manufacturers and even for models. Related Posts. However, we would be happy to help with any problems within our reach. Contents 0. RMG Staff Articles submitted by our readers and sources. View all posts. LineageOS 16 Android 9.If you got any error then leave a Comment. SP flash tool which is also known as Smart Phone flash tool is a cross-platform application. This is a very user friendly tool SP flash tool is used on Mediatek devices.

This allows you to flash stock firmware on Mediatek smartphones and Tablets only. It will not support to the devices having chipsets other than MediaTek. Proceed at your own risk. A wrong stock ROM can damage your device.

How to Install Stock Firmware on T9 TV Box [Android 8.1 / 9.0]

Just press the volume buttons a couple of times so that computer detects your device. Do it again with fresh Files. Your problem is persist then Leave a Comment With Full details about error. Then our team will help you. However let it to start 15mins at least because this is first boot.

After that if any Problem persists then Try to hard reset and do the Flash again. This is not related to Sp Flash tool. If yes, then try formatting before flashing again to avoid any other issues. So you can fix all of below errors from it. If your error not here? Thank you for coming to our Page. So one of team our team member will help you as soon as possible. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.Today, we have great news for you.

Now you can download and install stock firmware on T9 TV Box. In this blog, we bring a stock firmware file based on Android 8.

Impressive A95X MAX - Android Oreo TV Box - 4+64GB / HDD Caddy

So if you are using the T9 TV Box and facing some issues or bugs. Then we have one of the best solution fixes these bugs. Installing stock firmware T9 TV Box and fixes the bugs and error.

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Also, other advantages of installing stock firmware like to upgrade or downgrade, fix bugs lags on your Android Devicesolve the issue with WiFi, Bluetooth, can unbrick your bricked device and much more. But the design of this T9 TV Box is not much different from other products. Better than an average TV box.

The device has high-speed USB 3. If you are interested in installing stock firmware on T9 TV Box then go ahead and follow the given instructions.

Download and Install Stock ROM On Venus T9 [Official Firmware]

For query or issue contact via comment area! I received my new T9 from china on Saturday. When trying, the logo T9 appeared for a moment of seconds, then T9 switched off. I tried to reset T9 via the av input with no result. Is there anyone who knows a solution for this, has not yet received a response from AliExpress.

Otherwise I am afraid I have to throw this T9 media player away.

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I see various new firmware on this site but this is the solution for my totally non-working T9 media player. I am from the Netherlands and have tried to write in my best English. Hopefully you offer a solution. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You may also like. Junaid Bhatti.Login or Sign Up. Unconfigured Ad Widget. RK Devices. Page of 1. On Off. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Page of Descending Ascending. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 24 template Next.

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